What is Gross Income? – A Guide to Forex Trading

Gross income forex is a type of income earned from foreign exchange transactions. It can be earned from trading foreign currency, exchanging currencies, converting foreign currency to a local currency, or through other types of investment activities. This type of income typically includes profits from the sale and purchase of foreign currency, as well as any capital gains from investments made in foreign markets.


Financial Quarters in Forex Trading: A Guide

The financial quarter is an integral part of the Forex market. Generally, three months make up each quarter – January, February, and March; April, May, and June; July, August, and September; and October, November, and December. The start of a new quarter signals the beginning of a new opportunity for forex traders to enter the market. During the three months of each quarter traders have the opportunity to trade short-term, medium-term, and large-term trends on any currency pair. The end of a quarter gives traders the chance to close any positions that may be in profit, and reset their positions for the upcoming quarter.