How to View Number on Candles in MT5 Forex Trading Platform

How to View Number on Candles in MT5 Forex Trading Platform

Understanding ​Number ⁣Candles on ‍MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

MetaTrader 5‍ (MT5) is a comprehensive⁣ and powerful ‌ trading ⁣platform that is ⁢popular among retail​ traders. With MT5, traders have access to a wide range of ⁢features that makes trading easier and ‍more effective. Among these⁣ features⁤ is the ability to view and analyze ⁤a wide range of historic ​candlestick ⁣data. In this article, we‍ will explore how ⁤the number candles feature on MT5‍ help⁢ traders interpret and see data in a more granular ‍way.

What is Number ⁣Candles on MT5?

Number ⁢candles ⁢are used by‍ traders to ‌interpret data in a more⁢ granular way. ⁢Essentially,‍ it is a visual representation ​that breaks ⁤down a particular time frame⁢ into individual candlestick candles and helps traders understand how⁣ different ⁣periods in the market relate ‍to each⁣ other. For example, if a trader was‌ wanting to understand the trend ‌in a particular security over a month, the candlestick chart may ⁤be broken down into daily candles, or even⁣ 15-minute candles. This provides ⁤traders with​ a better overview of how the market is reacting to ⁣different news, economic data,​ and other ⁣market⁤ events.

Advantages⁤ of Using Number ‍Candles

Using number candles on ‌MT5⁤ provides a number of ⁤advantages. Firstly, it​ provides traders with a‌ much clearer picture of⁣ what is happening in the market over a certain‌ time frame. This allows traders to get a better understanding of the⁤ behavior of ‌the price over time, enabling them‍ to make more informed ‌decisions.‌ Additionally, number candles ‍provide more detail and make it easier⁤ to​ identify entry and⁢ exit points. ‍

Another advantage ⁣of number candles is ‌that they enable ⁣traders to compare ​different ​instruments. ⁤By⁣ breaking down different securities into individual candles,‍ traders​ are able ⁣to compare ‍how ⁢different securities relate to each‌ other over different time frames. This makes it easier for traders to identify correlations and make profitable trading ‍decisions.


In conclusion, the number candles features on MT5 can provide traders ⁣with a more ⁣comprehensive view of the market. With⁤ the ability to break‍ down markets into​ individual ⁤candles and‍ compare different⁣ securities,​ traders⁢ are able to gain a better‍ understanding of ⁤how different markets⁣ are reacting⁢ to the ⁣news, economic​ data, and other market events. In doing so, traders⁤ are better positioned ‍to make ​profitable trading decisions. ‌

Understanding the Basics⁢ of ⁢the MT5‌ Show Number on Candle

The​ MT5⁢ Show Number on Candle indicator is a special type ‌of chart analysis that is ⁢used by ‌traders when ‍they ⁢want to identify potential bullish or bearish trend reversals. This ‍type of chart⁤ analysis can⁣ be quite​ useful, as it⁤ helps​ traders to ‌determine the market ‌sentiment at any ‍given‌ time, while​ it can also help to measure volatility and ⁤price ⁤movement. The indicator works by taking a longer-term ⁢timeframe, such as a ⁢one-year moving average, and ⁣combining it⁣ with ⁤a ⁣shorter timeframe, ​such ⁢as a ten-day ‍candle. By​ doing this,⁣ the‌ trader can quickly⁤ identify whether or not ⁤a trend reversal is⁤ likely in⁢ the near future.

How the MT5 ‍Show ⁢Number on Candle Works

The‌ MT5 Show Number on Candle indicator combines two timeframes to ⁣create a unique chart pattern. ⁤The indicator ​looks for potential trend reversals ‍by taking a longer-term ⁢timeframe and using it​ to track the ‍strength or weakness of a given ‍market. When the indicator locates a potential⁢ trend reversal, it is indicated⁤ by⁤ the appearance of a series of candles on the chart. Each⁤ candle has a⁤ percentage ⁢probability associated with it, which helps to ​measure the chance ‍that the trend will reverse in‍ the near ‌future. The higher the ‍probability, the more likely it ​is that the trend ‍reversal is expected⁢ to happen.

The Benefits of​ Using the MT5 ​Show⁢ Number on‍ Candle

Many⁢ traders use ⁤the MT5⁣ Show Number on Candle indicator ​to help them become better⁣ traders. This indicator can provide traders ​with an effective way ‍to ‌measure the strength or weakness of a given market. ⁤By monitoring the indicator across multiple timeframes, traders can be more prepared to ⁤take advantage of any potential‌ trend reversal. ⁤This helps to reduce the amount of risk when ⁣trading, as the trader has‌ a better idea of what will ⁤happen in the future. Additionally, the ⁢indicator can also help‌ traders identify trading​ opportunities,⁤ as it can ⁢provide traders with price targets that can be used to their advantage.