Order Block and Fibonacci Guide Book: ICT, SMC Strategies Revealed

Order Block and Fibonacci Guide Book: ICT, SMC Strategies Revealed


The foreign exchange (also known as⁣ Forex or FX) is the largest and most liquid market in the world. It is a place where international ​currencies are traded against one another, and traders, investors and speculators enter the arena with the aim of making a profit. To ‍be successful, traders must‌ employ‍ different strategies and techniques to stay ahead of the competition.‌ One ⁤of the​ most powerful strategies used‍ in Forex trading ⁤is the order block and Fibonacci⁢ guidebook, which has been used and perfected by traders all ⁤over the world. This article will‌ take readers through the basic concepts of this method, as well as teach them how to incorporate it into their trading.

What Is Order Block and Fibonacci ⁢Guidebook?

Order block and Fibonacci ‍guidebook are two powerful tools used by Forex traders. Order ​blocks are comprised of multiple orders that are executed all at once. This allows the trader to take advantage of price movements‌ that ⁢occur too quickly for the trader to react to them ⁤on⁤ an individual ⁤basis. Fibonacci guidebook refers to the ‍use​ of Fibonacci ratios ⁢and levels, which are used to determine potential support and resistance points for the​ currency pair being traded.

How To Use The ⁣ICT, SMC and Order Block Strategies?

The ICT, SMC, and order block strategies‌ are ​popular methods ​used ⁣by‌ experienced Forex ‌traders. The ICT⁢ (intra-currency trading) strategy uses price ⁣action within a single currency ⁤pair to determine entry and exit points. The SMC​ (smoothed moving average crossover) is used to⁤ find profitable entry points. The order block ​strategy involves waiting for price to enter ‍an order block and then taking the trade when it​ reverses.

How To Utilize Fibonacci Ratios and Levels?

Fibonacci ratios and levels ⁤are technical analysis tools used ⁣by Forex traders‌ to determine potential entry and exit points. Fibonacci ratios can be used ​to spot ​price reversals and time ⁢entries and exits. For instance, ⁣a trader looking for a buy signal​ might watch for the ⁢price to reach the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level before entering. It is important ​to note that Fibonacci levels should⁣ be ⁢used as part of ‌a larger trading strategy ​and ‌not as‍ a stand-alone indicator.


Order block and Fibonacci guidebook are powerful tools used by​ Forex traders to identify dynamic support and resistance levels, as well as time entry and exit points with greater precision. The combinations of the ICT, SMC and ​order block strategies provide traders with an effective way to identify profitable trades, while using the Fibonacci ratios and⁢ levels to fine-tune the entry and exit points. ‌By ‌utilizing these strategies, traders can improve their probability of making a profit in the Forex market.

Exploring Order⁤ Blocks and Smart Money

Order blocks are a critical part of ⁣trading in the financial markets, providing a way for smart money to make decisions related to the purchase or sale of securities or commodities. There are​ two main types of order blocks: ICT (Investment Capital Trading) and SMC (Smart Money Capital). ICT blocks⁣ are ‌composed of multiple individual orders that⁣ together‌ give an institutional investor or large investor the ability to⁢ buy or sell⁤ in bulk. SMC blocks, on the other hand, are composed ​of many smaller orders spread across multiple exchanges, creating more liquidity and maximum profits for the investor.

The technique of order blocks is used by institutional investors and large investors to ‌move money into or out of a security or commodity market. By understanding how order blocks work ​and combining them with charting patterns and Fibonacci levels, traders can identify high quality Order Blocks for​ trading.

Fibonacci Trading and Order Blocks

The Fibonacci levels are important when trading order blocks. They are a set of ratios ‌used to evaluate the⁢ relationships between specific price swings in ‍financial instruments. When combined with order⁣ blocks, they provide ⁣a powerful indication of where a‍ buy or sell order should be executed. A Fibonacci retracement is calculated by subtracting the⁤ high from the low of a security and then dividing by ⁤the‍ Fibonacci sequence. Understanding how these ​ratios‍ work and watching the moves in the prices‍ when a‌ Fibonacci retracement is present can provide valuable insights into where to enter or exit a trade.

Advantages of Using Order​ Blocks For Trading

Traders who understand order​ blocks can take advantage of the benefits they offer. First, order blocks allow large institutional investors and ​other big players to buy or sell in bulk, creating more liquidity in ‌the market. ⁢This gives ‌traders more opportunities to‍ enter⁢ or exit ‌a position at a favorable price. Additionally, combining ⁤order blocks ​with Fibonacci ⁤retracements and other charting patterns can provide traders with an enhanced perspective on where to enter or exit a position. This efficient form of trading can ‍be a useful tool for experienced ‌traders and new traders ‌alike.