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IronFX Forex: An In-Depth Review by Forex Peace Army

IronFX is a forex broker based in Cyprus with regulatory licenses from the FCA (UK) and CySEC. IronFX offers trading of over 200 forex instruments, including CFDs, commodities, indices and metals. The broker offers its customers the choice of two trading platforms – MetaTrader 4 and its own in-house platform, Trade Desk – with ample liquidity and narrow spreads. IronFX also offers an array of features like a variety of deposit method, live chat support, and an industry leading education program, curated and overseen by the Forex Peace Army.IronFX is an ideal choice for traders who want to take advantage of the potential profits of the forex market, while at the same time supported by a reliable, safe, and regulated broker.


Gross Income Meaning: Explaining Forex Trading

Gross income, when referring to forex, is the total amount of income earned from all sources within a given time period before any deductions are made. This includes income from wages, investments, business interests, and any other source the individual may have. Forex traders take into account their gross income when calculating their trading capital and strategies in order to make the most profitable trades.