IronFX Forex: An In-Depth Review by Forex Peace Army

IronFX Forex: An In-Depth Review by Forex Peace Army

What is ⁣IronFX?

IronFX is ⁢a renowned Forex broker that has been ‍in ⁣the ⁣ industry since⁤ 2010. With offices in more ‌than ⁤twenty‍ countries, the broker offers leverage ⁢ up to 1:500, tight⁣ spreads, fast⁤ execution and a variety of platforms for traditional⁣ Forex and ⁣contracts for​ difference (CFDs) trading. ​In addition to FX, traders can also⁣ buy and ‌sell commodities, cryptocurrency, ⁤indices, ⁤and stocks from one⁤ platform.‌ The IronFX team also provides clients‌ with access to a number of free ​educational materials, ⁣tutorials,‍ and⁣ analytical⁢ tools from ⁣leading market‌ experts. ‍

IronFX Blacklisted by Forex ⁢Peace army

Unfortunately, ‌IronFX has been found short of client trust ⁣and was subsequently ​blacklisted⁢ by Forex‍ Peace Army in ‍2015. The broker was accused ⁤of not honoring profitable orders and‌ confiscating deposits and ⁤profits from its clients. ‍Subsequently, ​the broker⁣ made amendments to its services and modified⁤ its trading conditions upon ‍which it was removed​ from the blacklist. ⁤Despite ‍this,‍ IronFX​ has been ⁤mired with⁣ further issues over the years,⁢ primarily‍ for its client-unfriendly policies.‌

Trading with IronFX

Despite being a high risk proposition, IronFX is still a frequently used broker. That being ‍said, ⁢traders​ who ‍decide to make use‌ of the platform should ensure they are aware⁢ of its conditions and take any​ necessary precautions ⁤prior to investing‍ funds. Aside from it’s‌ checkered ​past, IronFX’s biggest ⁤issue stems ⁢from its ‍rough customer ⁣service policy. ⁢Various complaints have been raised in the ⁤past, ⁤citing long wait times ⁤and questionable⁢ responses ⁣from the support staff. ⁤As redemption,⁤ IronFX has made attempt to‌ foster‍ a more‍ client-friendly atmosphere. For​ instance, the ​team extends event⁢ invitations ‍and educates its users⁣ on the best practices of trading the forex market.⁣

In ⁤conclusion,⁢ IronFX is a ‍highly⁣ speculative broker⁣ due ⁤to its⁣ tainted past.⁢ While the team‌ has made various amendments with trading conditions and customer⁤ service policies, there is ‍still a hefty amount of mistrust ⁤placed upon ‍the⁢ platform due to ‌the events of past years.‌ Therefore, prospective⁢ traders ⁣should research and exercise caution when trading with IronFX as caution should always be first priority. , ⁢objective

IronFX‍ Forex​ Peace Army ‍Review

IronFX ⁣is a Forex broker established in 2008 and it⁢ is ⁤highly rated​ by traders. Despite ‌this, their activity has⁢ been subject to discussion ​and critical reviews. It appears that⁤ the⁣ Forex ‌Peace Army ‍(FPA), a ‌renowned forex​ watchdog, have placed ⁢a strong warning⁤ about IronFX functionality, which culminated ⁣to a scam label. ⁤The‌ news of ⁢a scam⁣ is⁤ quite alarming and potentially‍ damaging to⁣ the industry, so the purpose of ⁣this ‍article is ⁢to⁣ review the facts and expose ‍the truth.

The Background of IronFX Scam Allegations

The FPA’s accusations⁤ appear ⁢to⁣ date⁤ back⁣ to​ July ⁤2019 when⁣ they​ released a statement labelling IronFX‍ a ​scam. Despite this, ​IronFX’s website‌ began operations in ‍2008 and⁤ the company has ​grown to become ⁢the world’s third-largest retail forex ​broker. The allegation suggests that ‌B2B activities were‌ not⁤ transparent and IronFX refused to comply with existing regulations to safeguard its customers’ ‌funds. Because ⁣the ⁢company is ⁢subject to oversight​ from⁤ the Cyprus‍ Securities and Exchange‍ Commission (CySEC), these accusations support the argument that IronFX failed to operate ⁤in accordance with their stipulated practices.

Evidence about IronFX Scam Allegations

The FPA ‍accumulated evidence⁤ to solidify their claim and‍ outlined further ‌details regarding⁤ past misbehaviour by IronFX and its ⁣affiliates. In a press release, ​the FPA ⁤suggested​ that⁤ all ⁢related​ companies should be viewed⁢ as suspicious and potentially dangerous to investors. Furthermore,‍ they complained about the ‌lack ⁣of cooperation ‌from⁢ IronFX ‌regarding their requests for⁤ evidence to support their case.

IronFX’s practices were ⁣said to ⁣have⁣ been⁤ illegal and Mathieu Ghanem, ‍the Chief ‌Executive, refused to ⁣provide ​the FPA with information about the company’s‌ activities. These accusations lacked solid evidence to⁢ back them up and were⁣ found to‌ be unsubstantiated, but​ such a report does weaken‌ IronFX’s credibility and could give traders pause for concern.‍

Consequences of the FPA Review

No company can ⁣afford ‍ill-reputation, especially‍ when it is placed ​by a ⁣highly ‍popular⁤ and respected⁤ watchdog ‍like the FPA. Consequently, the reputation of IronFX⁤ was questioned and⁢ the claim ‍that it is⁣ a scam has resulted in‌ a reduction in the number ⁤of customers and a lack of ⁢confidence from trading ⁤clients.

The FPA’s ⁣report suggests that certain discrepancies have ⁢been‌ discovered with respect to how funds are⁣ managed ⁤and that ⁢there have‌ been delayed payments. These delays are often seen ⁢as fraudulent behaviour and, as such, investors may want to exercise‌ caution when⁢ trading with IronFX.⁤

The⁣ FPA’s report​ also stated ⁣that traders​ were not ⁤receiving withdrawals from the company. This‍ could⁣ have been the result of unauthorized changes within ​the company’s system, which affected clients’ accounts.⁤ As such, it is‍ possible‌ that traders have not been able to make a withdrawal or ‍experienced difficulties in doing so.


IronFX ⁢has⁣ been in operation‍ since 2008 and has long⁤ been a⁢ reliable name in the ⁣FX market.​ Despite this, their⁢ activities‌ have ⁢been⁤ subject to⁢ scrutiny ⁤and accusations⁢ of being a ⁣scam. While the allegations have not been ‌proven,⁤ the FPA’s report is concerning, especially ‍for those considering investing ​with IronFX. All ‌traders should ‍take due diligence ⁢and research thoroughly⁢ before investing any ⁢funds with a broker, regardless of whether ​it is ⁣an FX ​broker‍ or not.⁢ Although​ IronFX⁤ has ⁤had a​ good‌ reputation⁢ until now, the current situation suggests that traders should proceed ⁣with ​caution.